Whats “R” rate and whats heard immunity got do with it and how many people need to be vaccinated to control the COVID pandemic?

Do Viral phenomenon like epidemics follow the rules, and how can they be forecasted and what can be learned from our experience of viral phenomenon?

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I recently read the excellent book by Adam KucharskiRules of Contagion”, and this made me realise even something as seemingly unpredictable as COVID follows a set of rules and our success is driven by how effectively we can forecast and respond accordingly.

Everyone seems to be now on expert on forecasting with “R” rate, herd immunity becoming part of daily conversations. Yet beyond these terms, it's important to understand the rules and the basis for these forecasts and how the forecasts need to be monitored and course correction needs to be done as we get a better understanding of…

Which model to use for your Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Challenges?

A primer on the models used in Machine Learning for those of us who are not statisticians.

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There are various algorithms which we keep hearing from the data scientists in the context of Machine Learning, and this blog helps provide a primer regarding these algorithms for those of us who are not statisticians.

Machine Learning algorithms can be mainly be classified into the following categories:-

  1. Supervised Learning —This technique is used to build predictive models which provide a prediction in an uncertain situation based on previously available evidence. Thus this technique is used when both input and output data are available. Supervised learning is achieved through either classification or regression. Classification algorithms classify the input data and…

Why is there a delta between the measured network performance and network quality perceived by the customer?

Rolling out and scaling a resilient 5G network

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COVID has brought networks across the globe into sharp focus as employees across the globe have had to resort to working from home. In addition to this, more stress has been put on the network with the growth in remote education, mobile gaming, increased streaming of HD and 4K video and the emergence of 5G. In the ultra-competitive Communication Service Provider (CSP) environment wherein subscribers can easily switch their service providers CSPs’ need to provide a quality of experience (QoE) that minimises possible churn and provides a competitive advantage to the CSP. For the CSPs’ this has meant an increased…

Can the Brain-Machine Interface help achieve a symbiotic relationship with AI?

Can Neuralink help create an API for the brain to power a cognitive app store?

Brain-Machine Interface

There is a lot of excitement for the Neuralink Demo announced by Elon Musk for today. While we wait for the V2.0 lets take a step back to get a better understanding of Brain Computer Interface (BCI)or Brain Machine Interface (BMI). The BMI is seen as the response from human beings to AI running hammock and robots taking over the world by trying to forge a symbiotic relationship with AI.

What is a Brain Machine Interface?

The brain has two main parts Limbic system (primal needs and wants) and Cortex (Thinking and planning) part. The BMI can be the…

What other countries can learn from Taiwan’s technology-aided public policymaking, including the successful response to COVID without lockdown?

Understand how Digital Democracy enabled Taiwan to respond effectively to COVID.

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Abraham Lincon described democracy as :

For the people, of the people, by the people.

But what about democracy with the people. Post the Sunflower Occupation of 2014, Taiwan has successfully adopted a crowdsourced form of democracy based on radical transparency. Testimony to this is the Digital Minister being based out of a “research innovation lab”. Taiwan has worked on the principle that democracy improves as peoples participation increases and has used technology as an enabler for peoples participation.

Taiwan’s response to COVID exemplifies this Digital Democracy approach. When Dr WeinLang pointed to the cases of “New SARS” as he…

How can game theory be used to maximise outcome from crowdsourcing?

How to set-up and incentivise Bug Bounty program to minimise risk and maximise outcomes?

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A bug is a software vulnerability that is an unintended consequence of design choices or coding and makes the system vulnerable to a cyber attack. Software companies and other organisations have come up with incentives to fix bugs in their software once they are discovered. This incentive program is called a bug bounty program.

Netscape was the first company to introduce Bug Bounty program in 1995 in which they offered $500 for each bug, and this remained consistent for 15 years. Google launched Bug Bounty against chromium at $1337 and raised it to $3133.7. The most significant validation for the…

Twitter is looking to create more stakeholder value by moving to a subscription model and reducing dependence on Ad revenues.

What would it take for Twitter to get the subscription model right?

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As evidenced by the recent job postings and the announcement to the Shareholders, Twitter is considering the subscription model. The internal code name for this project is “Gryphon”. The Twitter investor relations handle tweeted out :

“We’re also in early stages of exploring add’l potential revenue products that complement our advertising business, which may include subscriptions & others. It is very early; we do not expect any revenue against these in 2020.”

CEO Jack Dorsey mentioned on the recent earnings call that “you will likely see some tests this year” of different approaches. He added that :

“…a really high…

We have recently heard that GPT-3, a Natural Language Processing(NLP) models have been made available by Open AI and is touted to be an invention bigger than blockchain. The extent of this transformation is such that this deep learning model can help things shown as sci-fi to become accessible to be implemented by college students.

Technically speaking GPT-3 is a highly adaptable algorithm that generates models but let’s not get bogged down by semantics.GPT-3 has been defined as:

task-agnostic Natural Language Processing Model that requires manual tuning.

So it can do specific tasks like text generation and qualitative queries with…

This article endeavours to provide a primer of the various concepts associated with Blockchain including architecture, consensus mechanism and cryptography basics.

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Concept and Definition

In the original whitepaper on Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto defined blockchain from a purist perspective as:

“The network is robust in its unstructured simplicity. Nodes work all at once with little coordination.” — Satoshi Nakamoto

Chris Dixon’s more recently defined Blockchain as:

“A virtual Computer that runs on top of a network of physical computers that provides strong auditable, game-theoretic guarantees that the code it runs will continue to operate as designed”. — Chris Dixon

What blockchain…

Its gonna seem like a mad thing in the future that humans were driving cars.

How has Tesla taken the lead in the race for autonomous driving against competitors like Waymo?

Two of the main revolutions in automobiles at the moment is electrification and autonomy. Speaking about autonomous driving Elon Musk said :

Its gonna seem like a mad thing in the future that people were driving cars.

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Self Driving cars were one of the most prominent topics in Sci-fi movies, but over the past few years there has been significant progress towards autonomous vehicles, and it seems we are very close to achieving this. These autonomous vehicles will be fundamental to the future of…

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